Over a decade ago, while serving as a business/chamber leader in another Georgia county, I witnessed firsthand, and lived through, the collapse of a school district due to a series of ill-advised decisions made by their local school board.  After the school district lost its academic accreditation, the local Chamber of Commerce and community / civic leaders, coordinated and orchestrated a course correction plan to overcome the disastrous school board decisions. It was imperative to the students, the parents, and the business community that we selected a qualified school board and district superintendent. After several months of work, the county had a newly appointed, high achieving school superintendent and a newly elected local school board.


With that reference point, and with positive academic results thus far in Bibb County, the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce recommends the appointment of a vastly qualified internal candidate as the next Bibb County superintendent. A candidate who understands the local demographics and can continue to build, attract and retain workforce talent for the businesses in our county.


Dr. Jones, who is a nationally acclaimed superintendent, has established the roadmap, developed the direction, and plotted a proven, results-oriented course. The next leader, if appointed from within the district, can effectively steer the next generation of successful students into the future because they have already been on that path of success.


ACTION ITEM: Within the next 24 hours, email your Bibb County School Board member(s) and express your desire for them to select an internal candidate as the next school superintendent.


  • Mytrice C Johnson                   District 1          [email protected]
  • Dr. Thelma D. Dillard              District 2         [email protected] (President)
  • Kiristin C Hanlon                     District 3          [email protected]
  • Juawn A. Jackson                    District 4          [email protected]
  • Dr. Sundra M. Woodford        District 5         [email protected]
  • James M. Freeman                 District 6           [email protected]
  • Daryl J. Morton                   At Large, Post 7   [email protected]
  • Dr. Lisa W. Garrett              At Large, Post 8   [email protected] (Vice President)



Ron Shipman

Interim President and CEO

Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce