The Chamber Ambassadors are a select group of business leaders, local employers or employees, and other Macon-Bibb volunteers who want to get more involved with the Chamber and the community. They are a unique asset helping us with member engagement and retention throughout the year. They attend ribbon cuttings and events, facilitate member check-in calls and visits, and promote the Chamber’s overall vision and mission with our local businesses. 

Cristen Carter is the Ambassador’s first Spectacular Ambassador for the year 2020! 

Cristen Carter

Tell me a little about yourself
Owner of ClaytonCarter for the past ten years, a public accounting firm with offices in Macon and Griffin, GA that specializes in small businesses and individual income tax returns.  Before that I was CFO of Strong Rock Christian School in Locust Grove, Ga, after several years as Controller of Spalding Regional Hospital.  

What is the name of the company are you employed with?
ClaytonCarter, LLC

How long have you been employed there?
I opened ClaytonCarter ten years ago.

How long have you been an Ambassador with the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce?
This is my first year.

What do you enjoy most about being an Ambassador?
I really enjoy the opportunity to get out and meet so many people from various businesses in town.  My profession ties you to a computer all day long, so it is exciting to visit the Chamber and speak with so many different people.  Our Ambassador group is really strong, so there is always someone new to get to know.

What is your favorite memory/experience volunteering with the Chamber?
My favorite memory of the Chamber is Cocoa with Santa, and I wasn’t even there during the event.  I was there to bring chairs before and pick them back up after.  During the setup and takedown of that event, it was so satisfying to see such commitment from Chamber staff and Ambassador members to work so hard to put together a successful event.

What would you tell someone considering becoming an Ambassador?
It is worth it.  You immediately see results.  You begin to feel like you know what is going on in town.  You begin to meet people and make contacts that you never would have had otherwise.  

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.
I’m 51 years old, and I’m a pretty good wakeboarder.