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Macon Chamber of Commerce
Office Supply Discount Program

Office Depot Discount - Members receive an exclusive discount at Office Depot both online and in store.

The Macon Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce a partnership with Office Depot that will provide our members with deep discounts on office supplies. All Macon Chamber members will benefit from reduced pricing, four convenient methods of shopping, and free next-day delivery. Register your company to start receiving discounts today!

Benefits include:
  • Savings on more than 100 of the most-used office supplies
  • 30% discount on general office supplies
  • 15% discount on select copy paper and toner
  • 5% discount on nearly all other products
  • FREE next-day delivery (orders of $50 or more)
  • Shop online, in-store, by phone or fax
  • No sign up fees, no contracts, no minimums
You can save on more than just office supplies. You’ll also find discounts on:
  • Office furniture
  • Storage solutions
  • Technology
  • Break room supplies
  • Custom printing
What kind of savings you can expect:
  • On average, one office employee uses $300 worth of office supplies annually. By participating in the Office Depot program, Macon Chamber members will save, on average, $54 per office employee. That means an office of 15 employees will save more than $800 a year!

Drugs Don’t Work in Georgia

Georgia’s Drug Free Workplace Program provides for a 7.5% discount (or credit) on your annual Workers Compensation insurance premium if you meet and maintain the criteria for a Drug Free Workplace Program. The program requires a written policy, employee/supervisor training and 4 different forms of substance abuse testing: Pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, and follow-up (from a previous positive test where employers offer rehabilitation).

Drug free workplace - Over 77% of all illicit drug users are employed. Small and medium-sized firms employ 80% of the U.S. workforce where drug testing policies & programs are not in place. Absenteeism, increased healthcare costs and decreased productivity due to alcohol and other substance abuse costs your company $1,000 per employee per year.

Drug testing and drug free workplace programs are an institution in many workplaces these days. According to a recent poll by the Institute for a Drug Free Workplace, more than 71% of major U.S. companies regularly test for drugs and alcohol. In a 2005 Gallup poll survey, 37% of respondents said that substance abuse problems at work had increased in the last 5 years.

The Workers Compensation Insurance credit creates a profit through the program. The hidden benefits of such a program include lower absenteeism, lower healthcare costs, increased productivity, less likelihood of workers compensation claims and lower ultimate costs of these claims. There is also tremendous public relations value to such a program.

This program is designed to assist businesses in achieving drug-free certification.

To achieve drug-free certification, complete these 5 steps:
  1. Have a substance abuse policy.
  2. Conduct (limited) drug testing - You DO NOT have to test your entire workforce!
  3. Complete employee education.
  4. Complete supervisor training
  5. Have an Employee Assistance Program or Counselors List.
* A sample policy, monthly newsletters, training videos, & list of counselors are available at the Macon Chamber of Commerce.

Group Health Savings
Chamber Sponsored Business Benefits Programs

To benefit our members, the Macon Chamber of Commerce participates in the Healthy Business Alliance® which is part of a statewide program with over 140 Chambers serving more than 150 Georgia counties and communities who use large group buying power to negotiate advantages on group products. Many include discounted premiums. Products are made available through well-known carriers and sold through local insurance agents. Here’s what is available to Chamber-member businesses:
  • Fully-Insured Group Health Insurance
  • Innovative, Self-Funded Group Health Insurance – Exclusive offering for groups with 50 – 2,000 employees
  • Group and Voluntary Dental, Term Life Insurance, Vision Care, Disability Income Protection
  • Health Savings Accounts - Special banking accounts to coordinate with HSA qualified High Deductible Health Plans
  • Integrated Payroll Platform – Combines Traditional Payroll capabilities with Fully Integrated Time & Attendance, 401K, HR and Benefits Administration components
  • Disability Overhead Expense - Of particular importance to Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants
  • Travel Medical and Trip Cancellation Insurance
For more information contact the Chamber office or click here to download the full brochure about the various programs.

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