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Macon Now
Macon Now 3.0 - Growing a Stronger Regional Economy

The signs are everywhere. Our business and community leaders are working together on a shared vision, new businesses are relocating here while our existing businesses are growing, our downtown is being reenergized and revitalized and the Macon Action Plan is becoming a reality!

Economic Development is a team sport and the MEDC in partnership with the Macon Bibb County Industrial Authority, the Macon Water Authority, Macon-Bibb County and the Bibb County Board of Education have brought over 10,000 jobs to our community during the past ten years. 

For the Scorecard "10,000 Jobs in 10 Years" (2005 - 2014), click here.

Macon Now 3.0 is a campaign to further fund the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce and the Macon Economic Development (MEDC) initiatives.  The campaign is led by Mr. Virgil Adams and is supported by the Champions Council that includes Dr. Ivan Allen, Mr. Roy Fickling, Dr. Ninfa Saunders, and President Bill Underwood. 

We ask you to join us in ensuring that the tremendous gains that we have made in economic development over the past ten years will continue into the future as we build on our progress.

Click here to download the list of organizations who invested in Macon Now II.


Now in its third five-year phase,
the Macon NOW 3.0 Economic Development campaign is projected to add 3,500 new "direct" jobs and 3,675 "indirect and induced" jobs to the Macon-Bibb market by 2020.

Strategy 1

Business Services

Support existing programs that address the needs of small and minority enterprises.

Assist the development and growth of local supplier/vendor networks.

Conduct existing business and industry needs assessments; use the information generated to develop a support program.



Strategy 2

Talent Recruitment & Retention

Work with our community partners to pursue opportunities for incubators, accelerators, and innovation centers.

Develop a database of jobs available in Macon-Bibb to encourage talent recruitment and retention.

Support the implementation of entrepreneurial curriculum in primary, secondary and post education.
Strategy 3

Workforce Readiness

Challenge the business community to develop internships and apprenticeships that expose high school and college students to career opportunities in target sectors.

Continue to participate in and support the Business Education Partnership (BEP) of the One Macon Plan.

Establish cluster councils for all of our targeted industry segments.

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